Monday, October 16, 2017

Day in the Etsy Life - Metaling Susie Jeweler

by Susie Crouse
Metaling Susie

Ever wonder what an Esty shop owner does each day.  Well here is my story.  To introduce myself, I make handmade metal jewelry in a rustic style with lots of textures and dimension. I really enjoy taking flat metal and forging it into fluid shapes for jewelry.  I have an online shop and my jewelry is in several retail shops in Minneapolis and across the country.  I also attend local Art Fairs which are really fun to meet the shoppers and see what they are drawn to in my jewelry.

Metaling Susie display at Holiday Art Fair 

When I think about a typical day in my shop I find that each is quite different.  Depending on my mood, the weather and day of the week, I seem to be doing something different....really!

In the morning, I first check on orders and package them up for delivery.  I like to be prompt for my customers. I also like to spend quality time in the morning at my bench making jewelry.  I have noticed that I always have several projects going at the same time.  Sometimes this is due to a drying step but many times creativity just needs to marinate.  I like to let pieces sit for a few days and come back with fresh eyes.  I generally find new inspiration as I come back to finish a piece.  The process to make my jewelry starts with cutting shapes from flat sheets of metal.  Next, I texture the metal with design stamps or hammers.  Sometime components need to be fabricated depending on the design.  Layering metal and painting metal with ink are very fun steps in the process.  I love to hammer on metal!  It is amazing the dimensional results that happen!

My standing bench with my tools and supplies close at hand.

This afternoon, I happen to be walking to the New Gild Jewelers in Linden Hills, Mpls.  I have some cuffs on display in this wonder gallery owned by Jen and Kelsey.   The gallery has several artists work on display and the owners make wonderful custom pieces.  Many custom pieces are from family gemstones redesigned into beautiful jewelry.  How wonderful!

Metaling Susie cuffs at New Gild Jewelers in Mpls

In the evening, I find myself spending a lot of time on my computer.  I generally photograph my jewelry pieces in batches.  I'll take shots on my iPhone and then transfer them to my computer.  Once I sort through the best shots, I'll edit the photos and create new listings for my online shop.  I also spend the evening time ordering supplies, managing business records and working on social media efforts.

All in a days work!

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