Monday, October 2, 2017

A Little Leaf Motif

By Sharon Parker
Sharon's Compendium

It's not as though there are more leaves in fall than there were in summer, yet we are so much more aware of them now that they are drifting through the air and gathering underfoot crunchily. In summer, we notice — and appreciate — the shade and beautiful greenishness that leaves provide; in fall, we notice the leaves themselves. Am I right?

And of course, artists are not immune to the leaves' charms, so we see them showing up as a recurring theme in a variety of lovely things created by Minnesota artists of the HandmadeMN team. They are the leitmotif of autumn, and of this post. Click on the images to view the complete item listing on Etsy, and on the highlighted artist or shop name to browse their other works.

This oak leaf is just one of several leaf-themed sun catchers and mobiles from Western Art Glass. To get the curved shape, Brian Western cuts the leaves from the sides of glass bottles.

Metaling Susie has crafted this copper statement necklace and earring set in rich burnished autumn tones and tapered leaf shapes.

These sterling silver leaf earrings are accented with citrine for just a touch of autumn color, from Gemstone Talisman.

The picturesque white trunks and falling golden leaves of birch trees are captured on paper in the graphic Arts & Crafts style in this digital print by Cindy Lindgren. 

Another interpretation of birches in fall is offered by Lisa Ryden Erickson in this digital painting created on her iPad. Read about her process in the item description, it's rather interesting.

This notebook with touches of leaves and other botanical motifs in fall colors comes in a set of three notebooks, each with a different design on the cover. A practical item with a touch of artistry from Mendota Paper Company.

This hand-painted silk scarf by Palette Passion has sun-imprinted fern leaves rendered in the soft taupe shades that they take on in fall, as they curl and dry in the garden.

Here's another silk scarf by another HandmadeMN artist, Diane Gamm, in which she uses a different printing technique that she says transfers the plant pigment to the fiber. Read her item description for a brief description of this method.

Wine glass charms, like this leaf-themed set by Deeder the Beader, are great for guests to keep track of which glass is theirs, and can be used on the handles of mugs, too, if you're serving coffee or hot mulled cider instead.


Brian Western said...

Another wonderful blog post, Sharon...beautifully raked leaf pile! Thanks for including my glass hyperbole!