Monday, August 28, 2017

Little Luxuries for $8 or Less

By JeffAmbroz

Handmade can be a bargain!

Let’s face it:  Handcrafted goods often cost more than mass-market items made in factories.  And that’s how it should be.  Prices of handmade products reflect the skills and artisanship of their makers.

However, you may be surprised that many HandmadeMN members offer items at a wide range of price points, many at $8 or less.  When you factor in their unique qualities and special craftsmanship, each of these items is truly an affordable little luxury.

Reading is a simple pleasure, made even more enjoyable by a beautiful, beaded dragonfly bookmark by DragonflyAdornments.  It’s made with cotton cord, glass beads and a pewter charm:  gorgeous materials for an item that sells for $8.

Nature-inspired beauty abounds in this handcrafted bookmark by DragonflyAdornments.

HandmadeMN makers are getting creative in offering value priced items, using technology to bring you artful items for your home.  After you purchase it, this arrow print from DreamhouseCreative arrives to your email inbox as a digital download.  Simply print it on your own paper, and you’ll have an 8” x 10” artist-drawn print ready for framing, for the very low price of $5.

Print at home for just $5:  Affordable art from local designer DreamhouseCreative.
UffdaUffdaUffda’s eye pillow will bring you calm and relaxation, for only $8.  It’s created with cotton, batik-style fabric, and filled with flax seeds and organic lavender flowers.  You’ll love using this item on the plane, after a workout, or just to unwind after a long day at work.

Rest your eyes with flax seeds and organic lavender flowers.
For just $6, you can have a whimsical, handcrafted present for yourself or someone special.  This tea-inspired mini zine looks like a tea bag. The maker, SharonsCompendium, tells us, “This little book relates the story of a Buddhist master in China, whose advice to students who wanted to discuss the mysteries of enlightenment was ‘go have some tea.’”  For just $1.50 more, you can add a wonderful gift set option.

For the tea lover:  a little book of whimsy and inspiration.
Keep in mind that bargain priced items can still be sturdy and highly functional.  This Scandinavian flowers keychain by relaine is made with three layers of interfacing, ensuring it will keep its shape for years. Nickel hardware and a split ring for your keys make it a pretty and practical bargain at only $8.

Designer style at a practical price:  a sturdy keychain by Relaine.
As these items demonstrate, for $8 or less, you can add handcrafted beauty, function and inspiration to your day-to-day life.  Take some time today to explore the many shops of the HandmadeMN Etsy team, and challenge yourself to select an item that will delight you or someone you love for $8 or less. 


Brian Western said...

Nicely curated frugal gift guide...I especially enjoy those little eye pillows, yes? the flower batik veers into a flutter of butterflies...nice daydream! And of course everything but the kitchen sink at Sharon's compendium is always spot on! A. Didactic said, "What?"

Sharon Parker said...

What a lovely collection and an excellent reminder that handmade can be affordable. Thanks very much for including my little tea zine in the mix. I like that beaded bookmark-on-a-string -- it's not your typical bookmark, is it? (And thanks for the shout out Mr. Western Art Glass.)

Cindy said...

At a time when we all consider where our products come from or are made by, it's great to support local artisans. These 'little luxeries' are definitely affordable treasures.