Thursday, August 24, 2017


by Cindy Lindgren

Did you see it? Or not see it? I'm talking about the Total Eclipse that happened on Monday. Here in the Twin Cities, we battled clouds but did manage to catch a glimpse of our 85% eclipse between thinning clouds around 1:00pm.

Susie from Metaling Susie went to the Rose Garden near Lake Harriet, Minneapolis with her daughters. They caught glimpses of the eclipse between clouds and remarked how exciting it was to see the progress of the moon.

Here is a pair of copper crater moon earrings from her Etsy shop in celebration of the eclipse.You can find them in her shop here.

 Shelly and her family went to Lincoln, Nebraska to view the eclipse. She said it was a great view even through partly cloudy skies. The can of Sunkist makes a fun pun for the occasion.

Shelly is sharing a HIP Mini Travel purse from her Etsy shop, Bound to be Creative shop. You can purchase it here.

Below are a few more sun and moon themed items from our HandmadeMN members:
Sun Moon and Stars Charm Necklace by Gemstone Talisman
Women's Sun shirt with UV protection SPF 50 by Margaret Mousley

Sun-dried Cotton Soap by BathNBeads
Palette Passion hand painted a silk Sunflower scarf.
Moon Jewelry by Dragonfly Adornments


Sharon Parker said...

It's fun to see how people got out and enjoyed the eclipse. It didn't occur to me to take a selfie to commemorate the occasion, but maybe I'll remember to do it in 2024! Nice sun- and moon-inspired items, too!

Shelly Daood said...

This was so fun to read! Thank you for including us in the fun!