Monday, February 27, 2017

Hygge Style Brings Cozy Comforts to Minnesota Homes

by Jeff Ambroz

The latest style-oriented blogs, magazines and websites are abuzz about hygge.  You may have even seen the bestselling books on the subject at your neighborhood bookstore.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish word.  It has no true English translation, but it describes cozy, contented times spent with good friends and family.  The hygge lifestyle is homey, relaxed, unpretentious, and intimate.

Because of our state’s strong Scandinavian roots, it’s no wonder that the Etsy shops of HandmadeMN makers are filled with handcrafted goods that express the hygge way of life.  Consider these items to add a little hygge coziness to your space.

This OpenCupboardDesigns paper luminary offers nature-inspired beauty and light, perfect for evening conversation and relaxation.
Add beautiful, diffused light to your tabletop
A pillow adorned with fabric hearts by woolyredrug provides any room with the warm, handmade coziness we associate with hygge.
Show some love on a sofa, chair or bench
 This soy candle by Frostbeard will fill your space with the serene scents of the ocean.
Where's Soldier Island?  If it smells this good, buy me a ticket!
Being at one with nature is a hygge must.  A female cardinal print by ArtProjectStore brings nature inside, where you and your loved ones can enjoy it throughout the day.  Because it's printed on a wood block, this piece will add dimension to a wall display, or look lovely on a shelf.
Line, color, texture: perfectly captured in this striking print on a wood block
Another important part of the hygge way of life is spending time doing things that bring you joy and contentment.  Delightful balls of wool scrap yarns from myfriendlondon will provide hours of enjoyment as you create your own handspun creations infused with relaxed beauty.
Each ball is made from hand-tied wool scrap yarns: colorful and unique
Hygge inspires us to enjoy the day-to-day moments of our lives, to be fully present, and to appreciate the people and things that surround us.  Peruse the many Etsy stores of HandmadeMN artisans for even more ideas to integrate the hygge philosophy into your daily lifestyle.


woolyredrug said...

Great article Jeff!
Thanks so much for including my work.

Sharon Parker said...

Very nice! I enjoyed seeing how you represent this concept through curated handmade objects.

Cindy said...

Delightful suggestions for a first time Hygge.