Monday, October 24, 2016

Where Form Meets Function: HandmadeMN Solutions to Life’s Little Problems

by Jeff Ambroz
Jeff Ambroz Art

HandmadeMN makers are known for their beautiful, artistic wares.  People across the nation—and globe—buy these handmade goods for the beauty they bring to daily living.

Beauty aside, there’s another way to view the work of HandmadeMN members.  Many of the items they create also solve some of the little, day-to-day challenges we all face.

How many hours of your life have you wasted searching for keys, a wallet or a cell phone?  How often do you look at all the clutter in your entryway and say, “I give up!”   Fortunately, KensCustomIron has a solution for you.  This sturdy, handcrafted iron wall shelf will help you stay organized, and offer rustic beauty to your space.
Stay stylishly organized with this rustic iron wall shelf.
Now that temperatures have dropped, we need solutions to keep our hands warm, but sometimes gloves render our hands practically useless.  (Ever tried to make change at an outdoor, volunteer-run concession stand in mittens or gloves?)  And let’s face it, we’ve all lost more gloves than we care to count.  BellaMariaCreations creates this attractive mitten scarf that lets you dip your hands in and out of the cozy, warm pockets as you need.
Keep your hands warm, all season long.
Falling temperatures also mean gift giving season will soon be in full swing.  Gift cards make practical, much-appreciated gifts (especially Etsy gift cards!), but it can sometimes seem like an impersonal choice.  We have a solution!  AnniesPaperGarden’s gift card holder will elevate your gift presentation to new heights.  Choose this one, or select from many others that are as equally artful.
Keep several of these artistic gift card holders on hand to make gift giving simple.

Losing a needle is annoying, but also potentially dangerous.  When you drop a needle, you know you have to find it to avoid a future, pokey surprise.  This needle minder by Emilyruthdesigns is a cute and clever way to keep your needle in place.
This clever needle keeper comes in a variety of fun patterns.

Creating with yarn is relaxing and enjoyable, until you find yourself in a tangled mess.  JustTurned’s yellow birch yarn bowl will keep your favorite yarns in excellent working condition as you knit or crochet the hours away.  Plus, it’s so beautifully made you’ll be pleased to leave it out on display in your living space.
This beautifully constructed yarn bowl is sure to become a family heirloom.
Remember, all of these beautiful and functional items are available to you as a HandmadeMN Etsy shopper.  Explore the HandmadeMN shops for even more handcrafted solutions to make your life easier.


Cindy said...

These are all great examples of functional yet beautiful solutions for us. Thank you for highlighting them.

Sharon Parker said...

I love these clever approaches to common challenges.