Friday, October 7, 2016

Is It The First Thursday Of The Month Yet?

As Autumn enters the season whorl, I notice that the wood trim on my house needs to be painted...all my years of watching The Marx Brothers comes into play.  Of course it would have been prudent to begin a large homeowner project like this in the summer, yes? but that would be too easy.  And so explains why this post arrives on Friday...

Etsy has killed Treasury.  So off to something called Polyvore to animate a limerick and Etsy HandmandeMN cartoonery...

Winged Helmets and Pierogi Dance - HandmadeMN

Big Ole, Alexandria,MN,Viking card

There once was a princess from Norse
Who lost her pearls midcourse
She shopped online
For a necklace divine
Now a Viking warrior, of course  (thanks to Susie Scherrer Crouse)

Mixed metal necklace cuff and earrings

And as the Fall leaves twirled, everyone grabbed hooves and set out to Nye's Polonaise room for a plateful of pierogies...and of course, Nye's had been closed!  The moral of the story? Don't wait until October to paint the trim on your house!?!

Coptic stitch journal with brown leaf pattern

Nyes Polonaise Room, Minneapolis


Sharon Parker said...

A clever mingling of Minnesota folklore, a Viking limerick, and household chores. On that note, if your house has wasp nests under the eaves, as ours does, waiting to paint until they are no longer active doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. Cheerio!

And thanks for including my leafy journal. Polyvore, eh? Something new for my aging brain to learn about!

Cindy said...

The music choice was magical. Thank you, Brian, for pulling together a Minnesota lore post for our eyes and ears.