Monday, October 3, 2016

Handmade and practical goods inspired by the comics

Seventy-five years ago, in October 1941, Wonder Woman burst on the scene in All Star Comics issue #8, shortly before the United States entered WWII and the iconic Rosie the Riveter became a symbol of the  strong women aiding the war effort on the home front.

She was the invention of William Moulton Marsden, under the nom de plume Charles Moulton, a psychologist who believed that "women's power lies in their superior capacity to love" and "that women should rule the world—and would do a better job of it than men," says the US Postal Service in an article accompanying the release of a new set of stamps featuring the super hero. 

The first day of issue ceremony for the new stamps will be held at New York Comic Con this Friday, October 7. 

The Midwest Fall ComicCON also takes place this weekend, on Saturday, October 8, at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. While they can't boast the prestige of a first day stamp issue, there's still plenty there for fans of comics to enjoy. 

These HandmadeMN artists celebrate comics and superheroes with  fun comics-inspired items. Click on the images to see more views and get the details — and even buy them on Etsy if you like.

Brenda Peterson's shop, Mellow Fury, features this colorful hat, modeled after the one worn by Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, in Captain Marvel #9. "Show your true Captain Marvel fan comic book geekiness with this knit lucky hat!" says Brenda. Check out her shop for more hand-knit fun, including a Firefly-inspired hat.

For fans of Manga and the Avengers, this mini clutch wallet from Miss Bossy Bags Handmade could be just your thing. Do click through to see other views of this well-designed mini clutch.

Or tie in your comics heroes with your plans for comfy and stylish Halloween wear with this Spiderman-inspired hand-painted silk scarf in a spider web motif from Palette Passion.

You could use these printable superhero invitations from 2Ton Inspired for your next comics-themed party.

And you can carry your comic book stash in this Modern Wonderwoman handy bag from Daydreamers Emporium.

Yes, you can indulge your inner comic-loving geek with useful handmade items from Minnesota! What are you waiting for?