Monday, September 26, 2016

Small Size, Big Style

by Jeff Ambroz
Jeff Ambroz Art

The most on-trend person in your neighborhood may not be a teenager.

It’s probably a toddler.

There was a time when choosing products for young children was simple:  Blue for boys; pink for girls.  Today’s parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles choose differently.  They want to surround their favorite kids with items that reflect their unique personalities and preferences.

In that spirit, have you seen the Frolicking Friends Headbands by LeosLovelyTreasures?  These cute accessories are sure to be an eye-catching fashion favorite.
Whether she has just a little hair, or a lot, these soft headbands will add panache to any outfit.
Even the simplest items can be as cute as they are practical.  This Drooler Bib by junipersprout will ensure your drooling little darling can make a mess in style.
Catch some style, and maybe a mess or two, with this hip bib in a gold deer print.

Well-loved kids’ bedrooms are child-friendly and still coordinate with more sophisticated style choices presented elsewhere in the home.  DevonDesignCo has created a wonderful elephant nursery art print that you’ll be proud to display for many, many years.  A fabric storage bin by ShaggyBaggy possesses similarly good taste, and offers stylish storage for all types of kid clutter.
Sure to be an heirloom, this elephant art will keep your kid giggling for years to come.
After you're done monkeying around, clean up your room with this handy fabric bin!

And of course, a girl’s doll should be as stylish as she is, right?  These doll capri jeans by crazyforhue will keep her favorite dolly in fashion and ready for adventure.
A stylish girl requires a doll with a similar sense of fashion.

Remember, style for today’s kids isn’t limited to baby blue and pink.  Browse the HandmadeMN Etsy shops for on-trend children’s items that will offer quality, value and oodles of kid-friendly style.