Monday, September 12, 2016

Selfie Challenge

by Cindy Lindgren

This month I asked HandmadeMN members to take a selfie with their products. I said you can wear it, hide behind it, however you wish to share yourself with your creations. It's a fun way to connect the makers and their goods. There's a link to their Etsy shop beneath the photo so you can see more of their work.

Shelly Daood wearing a reversible cloche hat from her shop, Bound to be Creative

Mary Ellen Kutz is wearing a poncho made of cotton and sari silk ribbon and art yarns from her shop, Mimi's Fun Stuff
Aimee McAdams has a cat tea cozy photobombing her selfie. It's from her shop, Aimee's Homestead.

Regan K. Saunders with a Regan's Brain Swiss Cross Pillow.

Mary Megan modeled her most recent tote from Pog Totes.

Feelin' the love. Marnie Karger with one of her Layered Love cards from Crafterall.

Karrie Norenberg Blees is in the garden with her leather cross body bag made from up cycled coats. Her shop is Sewing for the Harvest.

Hmm, wonders Susie Scherrer Crouse, is my turquoise necklace a good color for me? Find it at her Etsy shop, Metaling Susie.

Brenda Peterson and her daughter are wearing their cunning hats from Mellow Fury.

Brian Western of Western Art Glass explains,
iinto primal stare Aphis nerii with nary
a care in the world

Kelly Ringer wearing  Custom Copper and Leather bracelet Cuffs and Rings from her shop, Chatter by Hammer.

Mary Pow holding a bunch of handmade whale bags from MinneBITES.
Christine Burnes wearing her necklace from Kaleidoscope Kitty

Christine Burnes also took a selfie with a scarf made from her handspun yarn, also available at Kaleidoscope Kitty.

Carma La posed with a big batch of Alice soap from her shop, Kiyi Kiyi Cosmetics.

Thank you HandmadeMN members for sharing yourselves and your work with our readers. Let's do this again sometime!



Sharon Parker said...

I really enjoyed seeing the people behind the products. Nice work, everyone!

Shelly Daood said...

This was really fun! Nice to put a face to the wonderful products! Thank you for doing.

Brian Western said...

Fun post with self portraits...thanks for including my mug in the mixology!