Monday, August 1, 2016

Minnesota Handmade Dorm Decor and Practical Goods for your College Student

By Sharon Parker
Sharon's Compendium

In August of 2010, we loaded our car with our daughter and her essential possessions and drove 10 hours to Albion College in Michigan for her final two years of schooling. 

Our daughter and her roommate had not met before we arrived, but they had communicated online to figure out who would bring what of those essential things you only need one of — a microwave, TV, etc. They had figured out what they could share to keep their small space from getting too cramped.

What a good idea, right? And if at least some of the stuff students bring with them to college is handmade from their home state ... well, it's never too soon to subtly remind them of where they came from (and where you hope they'll return, at least for a visit once in a while). So consider some of these fun and practical handmade-in-Minnesota items to help set your college student up in their home away from home. 

To help new roommates get comfy and acquainted, how how about this set of four throw pillows featuring some little-known American presidents?  From Authentic Embroidery.

Light Reading has  several lamp shades made from old slides featuring scenes from places around the world where your student may hope to travel someday, such as this one with slides from Petra, Jordan, and Morocco.

To corral the clutter (and keep small things from getting lost), how about a fabric catchall from Shaggy Baggy . . .

Also helpful for keeping things tidy — cord keepers made from upcycled bike tubes by Bird Industries 

Keep your room free of cup rings (and get that damage deposit back) with comics-inspired fabric coasters from Daydreamers' Emporium.

This cute small denim bag for a cell phone and small essentials beats digging around in a backpack full of books and papers. From Mimi's Fun Stuff.

Students can show their school colors with a versatile tee-shirt infinity scarf like this one, or check out other colors available from Palette Passion.

And after you're back home, why not send a note in the mail to let your student know you're thinking about them — on a notecard suitable for displaying on a shelf or wall as artwork, such as this one featuring a soothing nature image from Epiphanies Afield . . .

To find more handmade goodness from Minnesota,  click on any of the topics at left, or try a search on Etsy for HandmadeMN and the specific type of item you're looking for, such as . . . 

and more notecards from Minnesota makers to send to your student (because snail mail from home is kind of retro and fun!).


Theresa B said...

Great idea!!! So important for college students to feel at home in their new home!!

Anonymous said...

College was never as much fun before Etsy! What a wonderful selection for the dorm room needs!

Brenda Irwin said...

What fun, great selection!

Brian Western said...

I especially enjoy the lampshade with slides from various world ports and neighborhoods...another fun and educational post!