Monday, August 8, 2016

Meet Etsy Supply Shops

Etsy shops sell more than finished handmade products like jewelry, clothes and pottery. There are a whole category of shops who supply the materials to make those products. They include needlecraft supplies, fabric, candle making & glass supplies,tools, beads and woodworking supplies as well as patterns, displays and kits.

HandmadeMN has several members who carry supplies in their Etsy shops.Here are a few:
The Relic Charm has a new component line in the works.

Rhodocrosite 13mm Coin Beads 60% off, qty 16
Rhodocrosite Coin Beads at XO Supplies
The Vintage Bead Shop has a variety of jewelry making supplies
Kaleidoscope Kitty spins yarn from a variety of fibers
 Chalkboard Punch Set for personalizing jewelry and crafts carried by Evies Tool Emporium

Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by TC Witchcraft Factory

Mini Mushrooms carries fabric and patterns in her shop



Sharon Parker said...

Good to know! You've got a nice collection here, and I really like the header image from XO Supplies!

Brian Western said...

Nice to see some interesting supply shops in our Minnesota neighborhood..."It's a beautiful day in the..."

Victoria Lee said...

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