Monday, August 29, 2016

Binge on HandmadeMN!

Admit it.

While your Facebook posts and Instagram feeds are filled with photos of all the hip places you’ve been this month, we know where you really want to be.

In front of the television.  Binge-watching.

It’s okay.  We all do it.  The popularity of TV shows like Stranger Things, The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black— with entire seasons of episodes created to be consumed in just a few days— means you’re going to be laying on the couch for an entire weekend.  You better be prepared, and comfortable.

First, let’s talk food and drink.  Fill your North Tote (by lyriccol) with your favorite snacks, and keep it within arm’s reach.  A Hello Gorgeous Mason Jar Tumbler from thegoldengurl will be perfect for your favorite cold beverage, while also preventing spills. 
Shop for snacks, and keep them handy, with this sturdy tote

Beverages are a must for any binge-watching session
Next, let’s get comfy.  Light a palm wax pillar candle by AuntieBsWax for ambience, and fill the room with the wonderful scent of cappuccino hazelnut.  
Ambience is everything:  add flickering light and a wonderful scent to your home
Fluff your homey feather-filled pillow by TheCaitieCollection, and prepare to get cozy under this colorful and sophisticated quilt from HartfordAvenueQuilts
Luxuriate in feather-filled comfort all weekend long
For beauty and comfort, you can't beat a hand-crafted quilt

Just as important, if go the Stranger Things route, you may feel a need for protection from any unseen forces of doom.  This chakra healing bracelet from AnandaEnergy will keep your energies aligned, and may even keep you awake for the whole series.
Protect your energies from TV monsters, and look great doing it
With all these stylish items from HandmadeMN makers, who says the glamorous life can’t be had inside your own home?  You may even be inspired to post a selfie or two during your binge-watching session. 

Now, who can find the remote?


Anonymous said...

You've talked me into lounging around this week. What great accoutrements to make guilty pleasures more luxurious!