Monday, July 11, 2016

Creative Work Spaces

by Cindy Lindgren

Bound to be Creative, where Shelly makes her hats and bags.

HandmadeMN members are crafters, jewelry makers, artists, wood workers to name a few. They require spaces to make their creations which vary as much as the objects they make. Today we give you a behind the studio door look into some of our members' creative spaces.  Please click on the link to visit their Etsy shops and see the items made in these creative spaces.

The Wooly Red Rug, studio/shop where Fiber-Folk Artist, Laurie creates her rugs and other wooly treasures.

Metaling Susie has a custom made workbench she can roll outside to make jewelry!

Work Tree Arts, where Kate transforms wood into fun toys and kitchen accessories.
KiyiKiyi, where Carma mixes up batches of soap using natural ingredients in her workshop.
Sharon's Compendium, makes hand bound journals, cards and bookplates in a remodeled attic space. Her cat oversees the shipping department.

Audrey pours beeswax into candle forms for Minneapolis Chandlery in this studio area.

Watercolor Artist Tanya works on her art for Epiphanies Afield with lots of natural light.

Gemnorde creates her jewelry within reach of all her vintage components.
Sara of Auntie B's Wax calls this her Craftland, where she makes magnets, candles and drink charms.

Coming Soon. This will be the Black Smith shop for Volomortuus.



Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Love seeing all your work spaces! Always inspiring to see where others create.

The Violet Hoarder said...

What fun to see all your creative spaces!

Sharon Parker said...

Love this. Fun to get a peak into other crafters' spaces.

Shelly Daood said...

This is great! Love to see where others get inspired - Thank you for including my space.

woolyredrug said...

Great article! So inspiring to see others creative spaces! Thank you for including mine.

Brian Western said...

Fun peeks through the keyhole into creative work spaces...organized, unlike my chaotic work space à la archaeological dig!