Monday, June 13, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

by Cindy Lindgren
Cindy Lindgren
Get creative and think beyond a neck tie this year when shopping for Father's Day. Our team has made it easy by suggesting the following gifts for those special guys.

For the Dad that enjoys making up a story about a Pork Pie Hat somersaulting into a Large Mouth Bass at the local watering hole. Stained Glass Bluegill by Western Art Glass

For the nature loving Dad who might need a coaster once in a while, Personalized Set of 4 Drink Coasters by My Little Chick

For that earthy guy whole likes personal adornments,Fine Silver and Leather Bracelet by Candyce Westfield

Perfect for the Dad who likes to keep things simple, as well as for the Dad who needs a little help staying organized, Men's  Zip Pouches in three sizes by MinneBites

For the beer lover, a Shaving Soap Set with Minnesota Beer in the soap by Kiyi Kiyi

For the man who is eco-friendly, hip and whose nose requires a soft blow, Hand dyed Handkerchiefs by Palettepassion

For the father who never remembers to put the keys where they're suppose to go, an Iron Key Holder by Ken's Custom Iron

For the man that wants to look good, a Rustic Copper Hand Forged Bracelet by Metaling Susie

For the Dad that's a hunter,an outdoors guy, or who is as obsessed with antlers and coffee, Stag Ghost Ceramic Mug by nBaxter Pottery

For the Garden Guy, a Rain Gauge of Banded Taconite or Ely Greenstone by Naturally Unique Rock

Shake it up with this Birch Cocktail Shaker by Just Turned

For the tool Dad, a 7 Piece Professional Screwdriver Set from Evies Tool Emporium
For the Dad who likes natural, organic support while relaxing, a Buckwheat Hull Pillow by Naturally Mn



Brian Western said...

S'Wonderful gift smorgasbord for that special father...something to please Dad and knock Papa's socks off! Happy Father's Day, eh?

Brian Western said...

And Mister Muskellunge turns to me and says, "You forgot to say thank you!" Oh...whoops. Thanks for the feature, playing!

Sharon Parker said...

These are great gift ideas for dads, and the suggestions are perfect. Happy Father's Day to all the dads!