Monday, May 2, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

by Cindy Lindgren
Cindy Lindgren

How would you describe your Mom? Is she the kind that loves doing crafts? Would you find her curled up with a good book, if she had free time? Or maybe she loves personalized gifts that remind her of her children?  Our HandmadeMN team members have a gift for your kind of Mom. Click the purple title to link to their Etsy shop for more information. They are all handmade with love.

For a Mom who loves nature and flowers, a hand-painted silk scarf

For the Mom who has a lot to carry, a personalized Tote Bag that is pretty, stylish and water-resistant

For the Mom who wants to keep her kids close to her heart, a Mother's Gemstone Charm 

For a Mom who likes bright colors, fresh style, and a light weight fabric purse

For the Craft Mom who deserves the best of everything, a Letter Punch Set

For the Mom who loves bling, a Recycled Silver Tote 

For the Mom, Grandma or Aunt who loves a touch of the unique, a Terrarium Wall Globe Kit

For the Mom or Grandma who loves celebrating her family in her own special way, a Custom Necklace

For the Mom who's a nature lover, or wine lover or both, a Silver Grape Leaf Necklace

For the new Mom, a Handlebar Purse that attaches to a stroller

For the religious Mom, a Blacksmith Forged Iron "Celtic" Cross

For a Mom who lover flowers and bright colors, a  Hand Painted Silk Scarf with Pink Poppies

For the Mom who likes personalized gifts and art, a Custom Child Silhouette Portrait

For the 'whole' Mom, a Custom Letter Illustration that celebrates your unique Mom

A keepsake for your Mom, her Birthstone on a Hammered Fine Silver Circle Necklace

For the Mom who likes, no, NEEDS, coffee. A Spongeware Coffee Dripper

For the Mom who lends out her books and never gets them back, Bird Book Plate Stickers

For the Mom facing challenges with grace, Inspiring Necklaces
For Mom's who love nature, an eco print silk scarf with Butternut and Cedar trees
For the Mom that enjoys bees, honey, avocado dip and poses as a film noir star while contemplating her next eco-friendly move, Honeycomb Earrings.


Brian Western said...

...while cactus daydreams
cat meows syncopated
Jelly Roll Morton

espresso and jam
sweet mother...honey bee thrum
fingertips cross stitch

blackbox bee beatbox
cherry blossoms pirouette
honey dripped mama owl tap danced a tattoo on the windowsill...but nobody noticed.

...thanks for the feature, Cindy...and Happy Mother's Day!

Sharon Parker said...

I love it! What a terrific idea to say a little something about the sort of mom who would enjoy each gift. It made for fun reading and browsing.

Diane G said...

A nice variety of gift ideas made by Minnesota artists and crafters!

Michelle said...

Thank you for including our gift for the crafty mom!