Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It’s Summer: Create Inviting Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

While shopping and thumbing through decorating magazines, I’ve noticed that the lines between indoor and outdoor are being blurred like never before.
As just one example, outdoor furniture has become so stylish and comfortable that it can often easily transition from the yard to the home, depending on your needs.
Here at HandmadeMN, we truly appreciate the outdoors and our natural environments.  The items featured here can travel between your inside spaces and your porch or patio, allowing you to create a true indoor/outdoor lifestyle.
Start by planting some vegetation in this earthy planter by nBaxterPottery.  The fresh and subtle colors will brighten any space, while highlighting your greenery.
Greenery in a handmade planter offers a warm welcome.
Imagine the summer sun streaming through this stained glass trout by WesternArtGlass as it hangs in a window.  Whether viewed from inside or outside your home, it will be a reminder of Minnesota’s wonderful waters for many years to come.
A stained glass trout will add color and sparkle to your window.
A handmade rustic nature shadow box will remind you of summers past, and all the fun times yet to be had in 2016 and beyond.  EarthlyShadowBoxArt’s thoughtful design allows you hang it on a wall or post, or enjoy it on a shelf or tabletop.
The lines and shapes of dried plants soothe the soul.
While you’re creating an inspiring table scape, consider this eco print scarf by DianeGamm.  Too gorgeous to store in your dresser drawer, display it on your credenza or side table until you’d like to wear it.  The pattern is created with leaves and natural dyes to lend an eco-friendly vibe to your home and wardrobe.
Take advantage of the versatility offered by this nature-inspired scarf.
The scent and visual warmth of wood easily connect our thoughts to the great outdoors.  A large geometric vase by FaustWoodworks brings the organic lines of natural wood grain to modern, high-style design.
Rustic meets modern in this handmade vase.
Carry the wood theme further with a rustic Home Sweet Home sign by TheCaitieCollection.  Your family and guests will appreciate the cozy sentiments all season long.
Share a warm welcome with a wooden sign.
Now that you’ve created the perfect indoor/outdoor spaces, why not bring the rugged beauty of nature to your favorite summer outfit?  This river stone stretch bracelet by MamaOttersTidbits will keep you in touch with nature, whether you’re enjoying your day indoors or out.
Keep nature close at hand with a river stone bracelet.
Don’t let the charms of a Minnesota summer pass you by this year.  Reflect in the beauty of nature all season long with these handmade items, created just for you by our HandmadeMN artisans.



Brian Western said...

Wonderful finds along the nature-strewn HandmadeMN path-ology©...thanks for the splish splash Sir Jeff! Lovely piece and happy walking, hop, skip and jumping into the Minnesota warp and weave! Cheers!

Sharon Parker said...

I especially like the tip to consider a wearable item like the scarf as also a kind of decor to be kept in a visible spot when not in use. All excellent ideas.