Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Those Who Serve

by Cindy Lindgren
Cindy Lindgren

Memorial Day is more than a three day holiday from work filled with grilling, camping and picnics. It's meant as a time to honor those who served our country, particularly in military service. Does your family take time to find meaning in the holiday?

HandmadeMN member, Mike, from Big Lake, Minnesota told me the story behind this keychain button available in his shop, Button's Away. Mike's Dad, Vern, served in the Army in the mid 1960's at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri and at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. He then spent a year and a half in Dachau, Germany. Although it happened before Mike was born, it instilled in him a respect for the military. He and his family support the troops and empathize how hard it must be for families who have a member deployed or who have lost a loved one.

Mike and his wife Meredith wanted to instill the true meaning of Memorial Day in their children, which included a visit to a military cemetery. After they got home, their eight year old daughter, Maya, asked if she could design a flag button. So the button keychain came about by a young girl who was touched by the symbolic freedom the flag offers.

Buttons Away have a selection of military buttons available.  Please check out these and the other selections here. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you, again, to Mike for sharing the story behind the flag drawing by his daughter, Maya. Thank you to those who serve our country. We honor your service.


Sharon Parker said...

That is really sweet. I love that the flag button was designed by their daughter.

Kelly Newcomer said...

That's a cool story about how the girl wanted to make a flag button. This past Memorial Day, we did something kind of different. We drove down to Shakopee and visited The Landing. It was like stepping back in time, there were costumed historical reenactors in Civil War uniforms. There was a horse-drawn wagon ride, a brass band playing in the gazebo in the town square overlooking the Minnesota River. Old-timey buildings you could wander in. A speech by a man in tails and a straw top hat. A 21-gun salute to the fallen warriors. I would recommend a visit to The Landing, a Three-Rivers Park to anyone, especially for Memorial Day. Definitely an occasion to wear your flag buttons.