Monday, April 25, 2016

Relax with White

By Jeff Ambroz

During the spring and summer, Minnesotans surround themselves with color.  We put on breezy attire of every shade, and enjoy the many vibrant hues of nature in our yards, parks and outdoor patios.  Even our dinner plates get more colorful, as we enjoy the bounty of summer fruits and vegetables.  Everywhere we look, there’s an abundance of color.

Fun, yes.  Relaxing?  Not so much.

That’s probably why white—pure, crisp and clean white—becomes so appealing this time of year.  Several HandmadeMN member shops are ready with handcrafted goods to help you to relax and refresh with the white trend.
Hang floral art by ChasedbyBeauty in your living room or porch, and provide a place for your eyes to rest and daydream in the summer breeze.  

ShopMayfieldLane's monogrammed guest towels will provide an instant pick-up to your bath.  While you’re at it, fill a tall clear glass vase with white coconut bath bombs from KiyiKiyi, and make your bath a relaxing retreat from the summer hubbub.
Stylish hand towels by ShopMayfieldLane
Coconut scented bath bombs by KiyiKiyi
We all know summertime is the right time to entertain.  Send crisp white note cards for invitations from vandaliastreetpress, and keep another stack of white thank you cards handy.  That way, you can offer appreciation to those who host you and yours in these warm months.
Crisp white paper goods by vandaliastreetpress

While you’re out and about, you may want to keep the calm, chill vibe with you all day.  Wear a scented vanilla cupcake pendant by tinyhands.  You’ll look as cute as, well… a cupcake!
Sweet little cupcake necklace by tinyhands

Be sure to explore these shops, and all the shops of HandmadeMN, as you select the perfect items for a peaceful and relaxing summer season.


Brian Western said...

And slap the Beatles White Album on the platter and dance around the room to Sweet Honey Pie! Wonderful post, sir!