Monday, March 21, 2016

What's coming to life as Minnesota thaws out?

Here in Minnesota, as things start to melt, everything gets squishy and brown and we can't wait for the lilacs and all the pretty spring ephemeral flowers. But I like to look under the rocks and think about the little tiny bugs and frogs beginning to thaw out from their underground earthy hibernation. Fresh compost in the back of the yard is ready for seeds and our hands will get dirty as we dig in.

Think of the beginning of The Wasteland from T.S. Eliot (1922)

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain...

Bugs, spring rains, growth and the earth have inspired these artists. How are you inspired by this season?

Green Maidenhair Fern Art Print by ChasedByBeauty
Marilyn Lamoreux
Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum pedatum) a native plant of Minnesota, can be seen at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis. Home to many native Minnesota plants. We love the delicacy of this fern against the thin black stems, there is no other fern that looks like this one. #eloisebutler

Dragonfly Women's Tshirt by SuzAndRoo Suzanne Anderson

Dragonfly. Symbol of change and self realization. These little bugs spend seven years underwater in nymph form just eating pond invertebrates and getting bigger until they reach this stage, the four-winged iridescent beauty. #dragonfly

Reclaimed Glass Honeybee, Unique Wedding Gift by WesternArtGlass
Brian Western
In March, the honeybees wake up and use the last of their winter stored energy to forage for pollen from such flowering cherry trees and pussy willows. As Brian Western says: "Of course honey bees are cool...they have a good work ethic, make honey-combs & honey--Hey! we wouldn't be enjoying apples, avocados and almonds without 'em--sumptin about pollination, eh? Sweet." #honeybee

Monarch Butterfly Art print by CindyLindgren

The Monarchs don't really arrive back up here in Minnesota until later in the summer, but as long as we're featuring insects-in-art I wanted to include this. Artists: Let me know when someone features the  Mourning Cloak, a black butterfly that overwinters in "Cryo-preservation" in tree cavities, and can be seen as soon as it melts and warms up. I saw one last week on a superwarm March day.

Mother Earth - organic and vegan soap by Mirasolfarm 

Mother Earth is basically what everything is all about. Who doesn't like digging in the dirt and planting pea and radish seeds as soon as the soil is workable?

Pink Ladybug Purse by MinneBites

MinneBites seems to be infatuated with the cute creepy crawlies. I can relate. This purse would look great when attending High Tea at the MN Landscape Arboretum @mnarboretum

Beeswax Fern Leaf Pillar Candle by SweetBeeHoney

Wouldn't this beeswax fern pillar candle be perfect to gift at a Spring-themed get together?

Topography in Brown - Set of 4 handcut cards by Crafterall

Earthy browns have a special appeal too.
Add a comment about what creepy crawly earthy spring thing you like. 


Sharon Parker said...

Thanks for the reminder to get out and look for those signs of spring, Kelly! I startled a couple of hibernating paper wasps last week when I was cleaning out a birdhouse that I had left outside over the winter. They were too sleepy to sting, and flew off to find another spot to finish their seasonal slumber. I apologized, of course.

Brian Western said...

a wonderful meander...and another harbinger of Spring? while walking the Hiawatha Avenue Angle, over the weekend, by the Fountain place (45th Street)...I spied a kite up ahead. It seemed to be on its way from Minnehaha Avenue, and started to drop over the buildings...and...fell directly at my feet! It was a brand new Star Wars Storm Trooper! I pulled the string...and kept on pulling and pulling until I reached the handle. So I nestled it on top of a fire hydrant in hopes that the kite flyer would be in hot pursuit, and find it. Oh...and by the way...thanks for the feature!

Suz said...

I have spring fever so bad! Can't wait for those lilacs and yes, even the bugs! Spring is one of the true joys that comes from living in Minnesota! Thank you for including me in this wonderful post and for reminding us that spring is on it's way!

Shelly Daood said...

Thank you for this! A great reminder that early spring is a beautiful time. Walked out to the gardens with my dog yesterday to see the resurrection lilies leaves peeping through the dirt. They were a gift from my mother that keeps on giving. Although the snow will begin any minute in SE Minnesota, it won't last long and will be great moisture for the earth. On the cut table are adult doodle caddies made with some glorious floral fabric - spring is in the air in the shop. Happy Spring!