Monday, March 28, 2016

Top Brass: HandmadeMN Makers Are Bringing the Brass This Season

Brass is back, and more beautiful than ever.

The shiny metal hasn’t been this hot since its 1970’s and 1980’s heyday.   

Currently, we’re seeing brass throughout the home décor market.  Look for brass as the primary material—or as an accent—on photo frames, lighting fixtures, lamps, furniture legs and candle holders.   

For less commitment, but just as much sparkle, get creative.  How about hanging a brass and wood clipboard from the TheSalvageCo on your wall?  Just add a small art print or greeting card from your favorite HandmadeMN artist for a unique art piece.  Or, how about a brass embellished wrap bracelet from SuzandRoo as a curtain tie back?

Wood and brass clipboard, TheSalvageCo
Wrap braclet (or curtain tie-back!) SuzAndRoo

Brass is also increasingly popular on American and European fashion runways.  This year, you’ll find all sorts of brass in jewelry, and on items like buttons and closures.  Go for modern drama with LarissaLoden’s Open Brass Diamond Earrings.  For a surefire conversation starter, try steampunk Double Gear Earrings by anrek.

Mod glam, by LarissaLoden
Steampunk style, by anrek

Brass trimmings add just the right amount of rock-and-roll spirit.  SewingForTheHarvest has a mahogany-colored, vegan-leather crossbody purse with all sorts of brass embellishments.  It’ll keep you stylish and organized.

Upcycled handbag, SewingForTheHarvest
Why do our HandmadeMN artisans love brass?  As an alloy of copper and zinc, it conveys strength and quality.  Its soft reflective qualities add warmth and shine wherever it’s applied. 

If all this brass talk has you inspired, purchase one or more of these items, and then head to MermaidsDowry, where you’ll find a large assortment of brass findings to create your own one of a kind fashion and home décor treasures.

One of hundreds (really!) of brass fittings available at MermaidsDowry
Stay classy, and stay brassy!