Friday, June 27, 2014

HandmadeMN Fun Friday Finds ~ What a Trip

By Mollie

Summer is here!Along with that comes backyard barbeques, days spent at the beach, tackling the yardwork and taking long-awaited vacations.

I have fond memories of my childhood summers in Minnesota - we would load up the car and head up to Lake George for a week. There was a resort at which we would always rent a cabin called Melahn's. My favorite parts of the trip every year: I'd get up early each morning to go fishing with my dad, my sisters and I foraging through the forest for wild blueberries to put in our morning pancake mix, heading into Bemidji to the plaster shop to buy shapes to paint on the rainy days, playing card games around the table with my circle-shaped playing cards... Isn't it funny how some of that stuff just sticks with you?

What are your favorite summer vacation memories?

I'm sure you have a special place that you just love to go, whether by land, air, or sea. So here are some items that will either bring back some memories or inspire you to plan your next adventure. Or visit the shops to purchase any of them to make your upcoming vacation even more special.

What a Trip
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We'd love to hear about YOUR favorite vacations and the places you've explored. Drop us a comment - I know I, for one, am always looking for new places to visit!


Maya Rose said...

I absolutely love New Mexico - especially the northern part. The minute I got off the plane I fell in love with the soft bright blue of the NM sky and the beautiful landscape which seemed like another planet from Minnesota where I've lived all my life! I especially love Taos. and I just heard that a good place to stay and do day trips is in Las Vegas New Mexico.