Friday, January 24, 2014

A serene edition of Friday Finds

By Sharon Parker
Arty Didact

candle holder coaster by My Little Chickadee
My friend Anita observes Shabbat faithfully. On Friday evenings, shortly after sunset, she lights the candles and begins a full day of unplugged respite. Not that she sits at home reading the Torah the whole time; last Saturday she told me that she went cross-country skiing in the afternoon.

But on Friday, before the sun sets, she reminds me that she won't be answering her phone or e-mail. She takes a break from the volunteer work we both do together, as well as her various part-time jobs, and, as I see it, recharges her batteries.

It seems to me that we should all be doing that. It doesn't matter what religion you observe, or if you follow any religion, we would all benefit from a full day of turning off the phone, computer, and any other electronic device, and take a little time to find our serene center.

mug by Sue Pariseau Potter
I know that if I actually got around to observing some sort of personal sabbath, it would involve not only candles, but also a pot of tea, a book or a journal, perhaps a little garden planning, and, most certainly, a silencing of the cell phone.

But could I actually do it? Could I tune out the busy world for a day?

Well, I do know this much: a few evocative objects like those below, all hand made by Minnesota artists and crafters, would surely help me carve out the time (even if not for a full day), to savor a little unplugged respite from time to time.

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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

What a great collection of Minnesota made items make even a cold Minnesota winter night a treat.