Friday, November 29, 2013

Fun Friday Finds ~ Minnesota N"ice"

By Mollie

It's been a tad chilly in these here parts. Feels a lot like January with the brisk wind that hits down to the bone and the single digit temps. Brrrrrr. Or should I say, "Grrrrr." (Speaking for myself, I am not ready for that yet.) But I will say, the icy temps have been a great source of inspiration for this week's Fun Friday Finds.

If you are out and about on this Black Friday, be sure to bundle up. And don't spend all your time in those large stores and all your money on items for sale that are produced en-mass. The artisans and creators of the shops on the HandmadeMN team would love to have you visit their stores for Small Business Saturday, November 30.

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Take a moment to celebrate the small business with us - we have over 450 members all over this great state of Minnesota. You can visit our shops online, and for many, you can even find us in your neighborhood. {Here's a small list of shops where our members can be found.}

Please include HandmadeMN shops in your list of places to shop this season. Shop Minnesota N"ice".

HandmadeMN Fun Friday Finds ~ Minnesota N"ice"
{Click on the image above to visit the Etsy Treasury and the shops featured.}
You can't go wrong, you are sure to find a gift that is "just perfect" for that person who may have everything, and the personal touch, great care in the uniquely handmade and small business service is exactly what the weatherman ordered.
Thank you from all of us at HandmadeMN for your support and continued patronage.