Monday, June 3, 2013

It's A Minnesota Thing...

by Rita of Handmadebits4u

Over the past few months weather has certainly been a topic of discussion around the water cooler here in Minnesota.  Most of us had hoped the long, cold snowy winter would give way to one of our wonderful springs.  But no such luck.  Spring started late and now it has been wet, rainy and stormy for oh so long.  However, being hardy Minnesotans, members from our HandmadeMN team have handily met the challenge of bringing beauty to this wet, soggy spring.

Naturallyuniquerock has crafted these stunning rain gauges from Ely Greenstone.  They would make a wonderful addition to your backyard.  And here's a bit of trivia!  Do you remember those old green shingles?  Did you know they were made from ground up greenstone?

Raindrops can be beautiful and stunning as evidenced by this photo from ChasedByBeauty.  We can find beauty everywhere in any kind of weather here in good ole Minnesota.

And, hopefully, in the next week or so all of our peonies will finally be in bloom.  MaryFosterCreative has certainly captured the beauty of these Minnesota spring flowers in this photo.

Despite the rain, here's hoping that you are having a great spring because, afterall, It's A Minnesota Thing!



Cheri said...

Fun and beautiful post, thanks!

Lori Lee Sampson said...

Ahhhh, beautiful. So looking forward to summer. Is it here yet? LOL

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

I have actually been enjoying the rain this spring! Everything is so green & vibrant!

Sharon Parker said...

A fun post, and such excellent examples of items that celebrate our variable weather. I also have to agree with Evie a little -- we're getting a little taste of the lushness of Seattle or England, and that's all right with me.