Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Friday Finds for Your Awesome Dad

By Sharon Parker

Ah, the perennial dilemma approaches in just over a week: what to get Dad for Fathers' Day.

After all, this is the guy who can be sitting on the couch with a Grain Belt in his hand, happily watching a basketball game one moment; and the next, at the jangle of his cell phone, jump up and head out on a blustery winter day to change a flat tire for his teenage daughter.

He's the guy who leaves his comfortable office in the middle of the afternoon on a rainy day, and hops on his bicycle to go help his son deal with the aftermath of an unfortunate encounter between the youth's motorcycle and a distracted driver, helping maneuver the heavy and cumbersome two-wheeler several blocks to a safe resting spot, then cleans himself up and pedals back to work.

And what does he say about these Dad heroics? I know, because we have one of these guys at our house: "It's what I signed up for."

What do you get for a guy like that? How about something unique and handmade, or something a little bit quirky to make him smile, along with a note acknowledging how awesome he is (but don't get mushy, you know he doesn't go in for that sort of thing).

Here are a few suggestions from our Minnesota Etsians (click on the image to see the collection on Etsy, with links to all the items):


Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Even though my dad passed away 4 years ago I still find myself looking for a Father's Day gift for him! The HandmadeMN team has a lot of wonderful options! Happy Father's Day to all!