Friday, November 23, 2012

Fun Friday Finds for a Leisurely Black Friday at Home

By Sharon Parker
Arty Didact

 When the big box retailers were opening their doors at 8 p.m. last night, we were opening the sherry. (*Ahem* — or stirring the cocoa.)

When the bargain hunters were lacing up their sneakers for the mad dash to the latest-hot-thing aisle, we were stepping into our slippers.

And this morning? Well, let's just say this post was up before I was.

Why rush out and get sucked into the big boxes, when such good things come in small handmade packages? And you can shop local online? In your pajamas? Who could have predicted that the Internet age and the revival of handcrafts would dovetail so conveniently?

And here's the little secret (we could call it "this one weird trick") that seems to elude the already-weary masses standing in those long lines: Your budget doesn't care whether you buy mass-produced items that are 70 percent off an artificially high "regular" price, or unique and lovingly handmade items marked at their true value.

As you can see below, you can find terrific handmade gifts in a variety of prices.

So why not shop handmade online today, and stroll on down to your local independent shop for a friendly little Small Business Saturday outing tomorrow?

Life is good outside the big box.

Who wants another cup of coffee?

(Just click on the image to go to the treasury on Etsy.)