Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Friday Finds ~ Let's Celebrate!

By Mara of Dragonfly Adornments

At the end of each summer, my friends and family gather to celebrate together before the  kids go back to school, the temperature starts dropping, the leaves start changing and the snow stars falling. We swim, eat, and drink. We enjoy each others company and conversation. I gathered together some of the Minnesota crafters and artists fine collection of necessities that we will need for the party. Of course, there are some fabulous invitations to be sent out, I need some stylish pool attire, we will need some festive glasses and wine markers for our beverages and some mood lighting. I will need to keep my ipod safe from spills and splashes and for those of us who forget to 
reapply sun screen, we'll definitely need some sunburn soother. I hope you enjoy the end of your summer as much as I know I will, especially after using all of these fabulous, locally made items!


Rosa said...

What a great way to wind down the summer!!

Kevin moon said...

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