Thursday, March 15, 2012

Featured Shop - Gingham Life

By Sara of Auntie B's Wax

If there's one thing that inspires me it's nostalgia. I usually romanticize the past, thinking how marvelous it would have been to live in those times. OK, so I don't know if I could ever live without some of today's conveniences, but there is definitely a comfort in "the good old days," even if those days were before my time.

I'm so glad I found the Etsy shop of one of my fellow HandmadeMN members; it takes me back to those good old days in the form of textiles. Gingham Life caught my attention and my admiration. I'm completely in love with the aprons!

How much do I love the smocking? Much! And smocking paired with gingham has got to be the cutest thing there is. Such fanciness for such a useful accessory!

Gingham Life is contributing to the rebirth of American-made aprons and clothes and uses vintage and repurposed textiles. This next apron is cute enough to be a dress! (Except don't do it because the back is completely open and you'd embarrass yourself terribly in front of your guests.)  How wonderful, the pink and brown, the buttons and pockets ~ I think it's just adorable.

Not only does Gingham Life offer aprons, there are vintage linens and patterns, clothes, and other accessories made from repurposed fabrics. The things at Gingham Life make me feel nostalgic, and even inspire me to do the vacuuming in one of these great aprons and high-heeled shoes, just like June Cleaver would.