Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting to Know You: A Handmade Princess

by Anna from Seedling Design

This is a chance to get to know some of the members of HandmadeMN and a little bit more about what they make and do in their own words.

Today we are getting to know Gilda from A Handmade Princess who lives in Minneapolis.
What do you make and why? I knit. And knit and knit and knit. Anytime an idea pops up in my head, I get on it.  I make purses, cowls, hats, mitts, baby clothes, baby gift sets, and sometimes I mix knitting with sewing to create cute hippy tanks & dresses.
Where do you do your making? With knitting, I can carry it along with me so I can keep my hands busy anywhere;  in the doctor’s office, at school functions, in the movie theater, and the list goes on. 
What is your favorite part of the process or a favorite technique? Buying the yarn.  No, seriously.  It is so exciting to buy this ball of material and know that it will turn into something awesome that I made with my own two hands.  Best feeling ever.  Deciding on the actual material is the hardest.  Shall I work with wool, alpaca, silk, or cotton with this project?  I think alpaca is my favorite to work with - it is soooo soft (but expensive)!  Guilty: I am a yarn hoarder.
This is really lazy of me, but I love lace work the best, because it  seems to go the fastest.  My second favorite is color work, because you can come up with literally any design you want and incorporate it into your knitting.  So, really, two fancy skills thrown into one project.  
Tell us something else we don't know. I’m in a knitting group.  We meet every week (mostly) at a local coffee shop or cafe and knit and chat.  Knitting is so collaborative.  Have you checked out Ravelry?  (  (I’m Gilda Knits on there if you want to be my friend)  I design & sell my own patterns now.


EdHead said...

Love Gilda's passion for knitting! My fav: baby sweaters!