Wednesday, March 23, 2011


by Jami Klehr, Sweet Baby Dolly

Warm up with some vintage on this c-c-cold Minnesota day.

I guess some things never change.


Lucys Baby said...

Your pup is adorable. Can you believe this snow!

Lucys Baby said...

Would you mind adding me to your "Artists who blog" list. Such a good idea. I haven't been able to meet up with you, for meet and greets, but I really want to stay in contact with you and the group. I am working on some other projects to sell, a lot of folks aren't into dolls.

I will be updating my Etsy shop
March 30

Thank so much

Magpie Shinies said...

Today, waking up with snow, made me want to bash my head against the wall! I simply don't have the ability to cheerfully deal with it!