Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time to Laugh

by Rita Wetzel of RitasCreationsOnETSY

Are you laughing? Did you know that laughter has its own set of benefits beyond the obvious of being happy and joyful at the moment? Laughter helps us cope with stressful situations. Laughter helps us to relax when tense. Laughter can decrease pain. Laughter makes us more socially approachable. Laughter can increase our energy levels. Laughter burns calories too - maybe we can all lose weight by laughing more!! In short, laughter causes chemical changes in our body which results in all of these benefits! (If you want to learn more, just google "benefits of laughing" and you will find a wealth of information!)

Our HandmadeMN Team Members are into laughter, which contributes to making this group of artists a fun, creative bunch to hang around! Lets start with Twistmo who designs vinyl decor art. I would be ready to laugh and sing when I entered this room!! Such joy and such fun and what a stress reliever!

And, of course, who wouldn't resist a little chuckle or two when seeing these "Laugh" magnets by WildAppleDesign? I'd put them on my refrigerator which means I would lose some weight before I reached in for an afternoon snack!

And I'm laughing right now as I look at redshoes26design's Mouthy Cake Birthday Card! I've got a friend who's birthday is coming up soon... hmmm....

And I can already feel the stress running away and the tension becoming only a distant reminder as I pick up Sacred Suds "Laughing Buddha" soap for a nice hot bath! I will be mellow for sure when I'm done!

Remember to laugh each and every day! Make it a goal! Chase away that stress and tension with a good laugh! Be happy. Be joyful. And remember, our HandmadeMN team members can help you out with that too!!