Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Break!

by Rita Wetzel of RitasCreationsOnETSY

What is the history of Spring Break? How did it come into existence? And how do we Etsians in Minneosta honor it?

Some say Spring Break originated way back in the days of ancient Greece with traditions of honoring the wine gods as spring made its appearance. Some say it started in the 1930's when a Maine swim team went to Fort Lauderdale. This annual trek eventually grew into the College Coaches' Swim Forum over the years attracting as many as 300 swimmers. Swimmers plus the neighboring military plus some beer - well, what more can be said? Over the decades, Spring Break has come to mean a break from school and college and homework, a trip to warm weather with family or fellow students, partying (especially if parents aren't along), as well as a signal to winter's end!

In Minnesota, we especially look forward to Spring Break time because it means the snow and cold is once again fading into spring rains and eventually flowers and warm weather. One season is ending and another one is unfolding! And us Etsians here at HandmadeMN have our own unique way of honoring Spring Break too!!

PenguinPlace heads to the time honored Spring Break destination of Fort Lauderdale to enjoy the beach, the warmth, the palm trees, and the blue, sunny skies!

ChoosingBeauty honors Spring Break at the sea!

XOHandworks treks to the ocean to see the Green Sea Turtles!!

Pickleberries makes sure she has her Caribbean Garden Millefiori Pony Tailholders packed before she takes off on her Spring Break vacation to warm weather!

Unfortunately though, Chickadeesigns isn't going away for Spring Break this year. However, she is still doing the happy dance because she has this "not in school" waterproof resin necklace to remind her that there is no school, there is no homework, and that she has a week of creative time instead!
So what are your plans for Spring Break 2011?


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Wow, I just happened upon this post and there's my art. How cool is that!? Thanks, Rita. Next best thing to being by the ocean. ;o)

Jo Hales said...

Oh how wonderful! Great article Rita. Now I must fight the urge to check flight prices on Southwest....

pickleberries said...

What a fun surprise this morning! Thank you for featuring my millefiori ponytail holder. :)

Lindsay said...

Super cute article Rita!! Thanks for including my pendant!! I wish I WAS going away for spring break!!

Chickadeesigns said...

I don't think my original comment posted...but cute article Rita! I wish I WAS going away for spring break, and thanks for including my pendant!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

I could use a spring break! I'll have to settle for the sunshine streaming into my office!