Monday, February 21, 2011

How to: Paper Banner Tutorial

by Laurel of laurelleecreativity

Here is a simple how-to, for a great decoration idea for any room, event, or party!

Here are all the supplies you will need:
-Paper(i used old hymn sheets), sissors, hot glue gun, glue, ruler, piece of card stock(4in by 5.5in), fabric, string(yarn or twine)

1. Using your piece of card stock, mark a line in the middle and draw straight lines down to each opposite corner.

2.Cut out triangle. This will be your pattern for the flags

3. Trace triangle onto your choice of paper and cut out (you can trace more than one piece at a time)

4. Glue 2 triangles back to back. String twine between pages before gluing.

5. Cut out desired shapes or letters out of clothe and using glue gun, glue them onto each flag

Get creative, there are so many elements you can bring into this project :)