Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Minnesota One-Of-A-Kind

by Rita Wetzel, RitasCreationsOnETSY

One-of-a-Kind items are distinctive, special and unique. They are treasures that only one person can own since they are singular in nature - there is not a second, or third, or forth piece that is exactly like the one-of-a-kind!

When you add HandmadeMN to one-of-a-kind, the result is some fantastic items ranging from jewelry to sculpture to purses and totes and much, much more. If you are looking for something unique, check out the many one-of-a-kind, or OOAK, items from HandmadeMN. You will not be disappointed!

For example, check out Ruth Jensen's wire sculpture at Sparkflight. Ruth's realistic sculptures and fantasy jewelry are extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces.

If you are looking for Vintage OOAK jewelry, then Steampunk is the shop to visit. As described in the listing, this beautiful pendant necklace "features an antique door knob plate, a religious charm, and a brass flower." Stunning indeed!

Laura Jean Bergren of ljbe created this OOAK abstract mixed media canvas piece! As Laura explains, the "trees are a symbol of steadfastness and strength, while the face with the heart and numbers represent LOVE 24/7".

This Mighty Willow Hooked Rug from WoolRedRug is yet another example of the OOAK pieces that our HandmadeMN Team Members create. It measures 12" x 22" and will "delight any Primitive Lover! Perfect for floor, table or to hang on a cupboard door."

There are many more unique, One-Of-A-Kind pieces that are available from HandmadeMN. In ETSY, just search on "handmademn ooak" to retrieve a full listing!