Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alternative Gift Registry

With the Spring Wedding Gift Season just around the corner, it's a perfect time to let readers know about a useful site for brides called Alternative Gift Alternative Gift Registry allows you to set up a gift registry for any occasion, but what's different about this registry is you can include just about anything on it. It's a great alternative to the local department store registries of the past.

Operated by The Center for a New American Dream, they help people live the American dream, but in a way that ensures a livable planet for current and future generations. Their message isn't about deprivation. It's about getting more of what really matters - more time, more nature, more fairness, and more fun.

The members of HandmadeMN have some excellent items that could be included in a bridal registry - here's a small sampling.

So if you or someone you know are planning to get married, consider setting up a registry with Alternative Gift Registry and include some of the thousands of items made by the talented members of HandmadeMN.