Monday, August 23, 2010

Minnesota Hot Dish

by Cheri of From Out of the Cracks

Today we have a spicy dish from Jenny of Jenny Bunny. Jenny says, "I come from Minnesota, I'm Lutheran, put that together and you have some awesome hot dishes and goulashes! My sister stumbled upon this recipe somewhere and this one is spicy! Perfect with homemade bread to soak up the extra sauce! Also, my sister is an amazing cook/baker/person, so anything she does will be great!"

Spicy Hot Dish

1 pound of hamburger
1/2 bag of egg noodles (Large bag. Add more noodles to your liking)
1 Large Onion
1 Green Pepper
1 Red Pepper1 Yellow Pepper
2 Jalapenos, take the seeds out and mince very fine.
1 can of Tomato Soup
1 can of Tomato Sauce
1 can of Creamed Corn
Chili Pepper

First: Cook hamburger, onion, peppers until well done, salt and pepper to taste.
Boil noodles to al dente.
Second: Put the hamburger, onion, peppers and noodles in large casserole.
Add noodles.
Add soup, tomato sauce, creamed corn and chili powder, stir until combined.

Third: Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.

Feel free to reduce the amount of jalapenos. My sister adds more, but I follow the recipe! It's the perfect amount of kick!

And while I eat this spicy dish and also enjoy pickles so much, I would enjoy looking at these fun "Dill Pickles" refrigerator magnets from Auntie B's Wax!


M.M.E. said...

I just moved away from Minnesota and I miss hotdish like this one.