Monday, June 21, 2010

Featured Shop - Dovecote Design

By Sara of AuntieBOnline

I remember clay. I made little pinch pots in grade school and Girl Scouts. I once even made a clay bear in junior high school art class. That is the extent of my clay working experience. However, I marvel at those who can turn a blob of nothing into beautiful and useful pieces of art.

Marsha Taubenhaus probably remembers the days of pinch pots too, but has mastered the craft since as shown in her Etsy shop Dovecote Design. Come and see what she's created...

Ever heard of a stopperless salt shaker? Not only is it stopperless, it has no holes! And yet it is still utilitarian. I never heard of such a thing until I visited Dovecote Design. What an interesting concept, and what a beautiful accessory for the table.

Now that spring has arrived and the flowers are in bloom, who doesn't need a little vessel in which to put the gatherings from the garden? I love this shapely little bud vase.

How about this pretty jewelry bowl? It would look so lovely on a bedside table and serve the necessary purpose of organizing and displaying some of your frequently-worn jewelry pieces.

Marsha has got your stoneware needs covered at her beautifully presented Etsy shop, Dovecote Design. Lovely and useful art for yourself or as a gift.