Monday, March 29, 2010

Featured Shop - Cholula Jewelry

By Sara of Auntie B Online

What kind of name is Cholula? According to this shop's owner, Cholula is the name of a hot sauce and also the name of a town in Mexico. Most importantly it is the name of her horse. She describes this horse as "beautiful and sweet with a little bit of funny and a lot of sass. It seemed fitting for my jewelry! "

Cholula Jewelry is all that and more. Jessi presents a lovely array of fine silver rings, cuffs, pendants, and earrings. She even has horse jewelry! Let's take a peek...

This ring caught my eye immediately. I love the swirly look!

These earrings are so sweet. A perfect little circle with a drop of moonstone. So beautiful in their simplicity. And I love that they are posts!

This ring caught my eye because I love polka dots. The little beads of silver surrounding the stone are precious! I really like the oblong shape, and the name of this ring, Rawhide, describes the stone perfectly.

Go visit Jessi's shop Cholula Jewelry and see all the fine pieces she has to offer. In her work she captures the free spirit of the horse for which her shop was named. Keep up the fabulous work, Jessi!