Monday, March 15, 2010

American Craft Council Show - PMC Silver Cranes Demonstration by Sarah Bober

When: Saturday, April 17 from 11:00-11:40 pm
Where: American Craft Council Show - St. Paul River Center - St. Paul, MN

Sarah Bober of SBDesign is a librarian by day, and an artist by night. She loves coming up with new ideas and creating fun, elegant jewelry for others to enjoy. One of her sought after creations are her silver origami cranes made from PMC--Precious Metal Clay.

PMC was developed in Japan in the 1900s by Mitsubishi Materials. It is made from a mixture of microscopic particles of silver and clay. The clay acts as a binder and gives the material the feel and pliability of modeling clay. Once the piece is molded and sculpted to its desired form, it is heated to burn away the clay, and the silver particles fuse into a dense metal object. Once fired, PMC is 99.9% pure silver.

In her presentation, Sarah will share the step-by-step process she uses to fold traditional origami cranes with this new, non-traditional material. She will then take viewers through the processes of turning the clay into fine silver jewelry.

As PMC is a Japanese product, it seems very appropriate that Sarah should use this medium to make origami cranes.

The ancient Japanese legend of the 1000 Cranes promises that anyone who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. Origami cranes are traditional gifts in Japan for weddings and births.