Monday, February 22, 2010

Featured Shop: Sarah Mandile Photography

By Sara of Auntie B Online

Hi Sarah. It's me, the other Sara.

Sarah and I have something in common other than Etsy and HandmandMN. We also work in the same place for our day jobs. But we don't want to talk about that here. Sarah Mandile should be best known for her wonderful photography. Sarah's shop, Sarah Mandile Photograhy has lots of wonderful prints and note cards and continues to grow.

I love the detail she gives with her up-close and personal botanicals. The waterlily is one of my favorite flowers of all time, and Sarah captured this one beautifully.

This note card took my breath away with the full moon, the evening lights, and the mighty Mississippi. And hey, isn't that the post office? I think it depicts a cosmopolitan serenity.

I adore this photograph Sarah took at the Minneapolis Arboretum. It has a misty look with the black-and-white background and subtle pink tree. Gorgeous!

If you're a fan of cityscapes or landscapes, I think you'll like Sarah's photographs. She captures so many aspects of the Twin Cities and manages to bring her images alive. Sarah also does custom work! Visit Sarah Mandile Photography and see what she can offer you.