Monday, January 11, 2010

A HandmadeMN winter

You know it when it's here.

It could be the grinding, squeaking, crunch of frozen, sub-zero snow beneath your feet. Perhaps the shocking intake of breath when you first step out the door and gulp in that icy oxygen. Or the feeling of fingertips gone numb and raw from seconds of exposure. It's really cold. But you already knew that.

As most veteran Minnesotans (or midwesterners :) would tell you, this cold is no novelty. And yet, although I've lived through them each year of my life, there are still some sub-zero stretches that have me dreaming of warm sun, cool grass, and that far away dreamland - summer. It's during these times that I need a boost; something to make me smile, laugh, sometimes appreciate, or at least survive, these frigid winter days. Here are a few of those things, in no particular order:

1. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
A friend got me hooked on this show a few months ago, and now I can't stop watching. I'm especially smitten with Charlie and his antics, and have the "kitten mitton" infomercial down by heart. I even bought a pair of these handy feline paw silencers from fellow HandmadeMN crafter, regan's brain, as a Christmas gift for a friend. My friend loves them; the cat is not so sure. Check them out in her shop!

2. Hot Cocoa.
Maybe it's cliche, but sometimes there's nothing better than warm, comforting, chocolately, milk. I'd love to hold some in this mug I've been coveting from HandmadeMN member mepottery. I love how the scribbles will become revealed as you sip your yummy drink. Check out her shop to see the whole "scribble" line.

3. Ironic, quirky, cold weather events.
A friend relayed this experience to me: As she got into the car one morning, her coffee sloshed out of her mug, and right onto the steering wheel. Rather than spilling onto her lap, it froze solid onto the steering wheel immediately - no need to change outfits and be late for work! Ha. However, she did need to scrape off "iced coffee" from the wheel for the remainder of her drive. For those other hard to clean spills, try these fun pot scrubbers from Mary Ellen's Crafts of HandmadeMN. They come in a rainbow of bright colors; see them all in her shop.

4. Hoarfrost.
No, I'm not being inappropriate. While visiting my Mom in Madison over Christmas break, I woke up, looked out the window, and saw everything covered a beautiful, sparkling, white frost. Here's the exchange that followed:
Mom: "Ohh, hoarfrost. Pretty."
Me: (with skeptical look on face): "What?"
Mom: "You know, hoarfrost."
Me: "No, I don't know hoarfrost."

As I didn't believe her, she got out her trusty dictionary to confirm that hoarfrost is actually the term to describe "frost whitening the surface on which it is formed". What do you know? This gorgeous photo from Mary Foster Creative captures a lovely frost on a rosehips plant. See more of her photos at her shop.

Well, I'm sufficiently warmed up, and I hope you are too. These winter days aren't so bad, and, as a bonus, they make us look tough. I'd love for you to leave a comment about what makes you smile during these cold, dark days.



Mary Foster Creative said...

There is something for everyone from HandmadeMN members. Very nice post. Thanks for including my Frosted Rose Hip photo:)

Sara said...

I love Minnesota winters for all the things that make them more cozy. What wonderful items you shared. Now, let's cozy up some more!

Andrea said...

I have come back to read this again and again. I love this post! Browsing all of these gorgeous items, inside, with a warm mug of coffee is what makes me happy here :-)

Corrin said...

Thank you guys! Thanks for the kind words Andrea!!