Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 ETSY Goals

by Rita Wetzel

As we head into the second week of the New Year, I thought I would share some thoughts on goal setting. More specifically, goals for ETSY shops!

I opened RitasCreationsOnETSY in the spring of 2009. I didn't have a party or fire works or big announcements. Nor did I have much of a plan to move forward. Then in the fall of 2009 I opened a second shop, AndMoreBags, thinking I needed a separate storefront for my bags, purses, wristlets and snack bags – again, without much of a plan on how to move forward.

As 2009 wound down, I started noodling about 2010 goals. I chatted with some fellow Etsians from Minnesota about how they handled 2009 goals. Suzanne Anderson of Suz and Roo set goals resulting in 50 ETSY sales! As a member of HandmadeMN, she feels the information she gets from this group is very valuable. Her beautiful jewelry line was also popular at many local craft shows. Did you know that Handmade MN keeps a current list of shows that our members participate in?

Courtney of Modern Meets Whimsy: Artisan Jewelry also set 2009 goals. One of her primary goals was to separate her stationery shop, Just Another Day, from her jewelry line. She listed or renewed items twice a day to get more exposure. The result: 120 sales during 2009!

And what about 2010? Suzanne believes goals keep her on track and motivated. It answers the question “Am I successful?” Her goal for this year – 100 sales. How will she achieve this? The answer: List more - Get more exposure - Do more wholesaling. Courtney believes goals “are a great way to stay focused. Through goals you can visualize where you want your shop to be in the present, in the long run, and how to get there.” Courtney plans to create collections with different price points to build a core of repeat customers!

Taking all of this in, I did some more noodling about my 2010 ETSY goals. I now have them set and here they are:
-To maintain exposure to my shops, list or relist 5 items weekly in each of my shops.
-To maintain exposure to my creativity and shops, blog 3 times a week. (Did I mention I have a blog for each shop and that they automatically feed to Twitter and Facebook.)
-To stay sane, keep a good inventory of product.
-To stay connected with my ETSY teams, participate in a team sponsored event at least once a quarter.
-Between the 2 shops, I had an average of 13 sales each quarter in 2009. In 2010, double that in 1Q, triple that in 2Q and 3Q, and quadruple that in 4Q. That will be over 150 sales during 2010!

So there it is - my goals for 2010! Do you have your goals set?


Andrea said...

What a fantastic post! I love setting goals. I had a goal in 2009 of attracting 50 new customers to Sacred Suds. Thanks to the wonderful Etsy community, I wound up with 85 new customers! I think setting goals is so important for focusing your energy on what you want for your shop (or your life). Knowing what you want really helps you focus your efforts so that you can go out and get it. And (here's where I get New Agey) I do believe that when you focus your energy on something, especially when you are specific in your intentions, the Universe (God, Goddess, Higher Power, the Force) has ways of sending that energy back to you.

Mary Foster Creative said...

Thanks for this inspiration and practical advice.

Bee said...

Thanks for this blog! It's a wealth of information, especially since I'm pretty new to Etsy. I would love to be a part of HandmadeMN.

DaMonique said...

Great post, very much needed.. I need to do some serious organization and goal setting. And I love what Andrea said too, it's very motivating! 2009 was great but not so much for my Etsy shop so I hope to change that this year.

Toni said...

Hey Bee, I just sent you a convo through Etsy about joining.


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your goals in this very informative post!