Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spread Some Handmade Love this Christmas

by Christine of Prayerbedes

One of the members of my Etsy Rosary Guild Team--Heart of Mary--brought this neat organization to my attention. The Toy Society began in Australia, but has spread to countries all over the world.

The idea is to leave handmade toys wrapped in plastic bags at various locations for someone to find. You add a tag to the package that says, "Please take me home." An email address for The Toy Society is also enclosed, so people can respond about finding their package. The following is a quote from their blog:

The Toy Society spreads the love throughout the streets of the world. Nothing to it really just a bunch of handmade toys looking for a nice home. What started as a small street art project in Australia is slowly spreading around the world.
They also suggest t-shirts or a book if you are not a crafter or a toy person. When I read this, I thought it could be anything. One thing that came to mind to me is a candle. (Afterall, Christmas is not just for kids.)

There is a place on their website to pledge drops, as well as a place to post pictures of the item and where you left it. Here is the link: