Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Creative Spaces: Cindy Lindgren

By Kat of The Musical Kitten

Meet Cindy Lindgren, owner of the store CindyLindgren on Etsy.

Tucked away near the beautiful landscapes of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, Cindy creates her illustrations in her 10x12 room on the second story of her home.

Cindy keeps much on hand for inspiration. “I have many garden books, art books, art prints by friends and items I collect while traveling or shopping,” she says. “Someday I'd like to have a print by my favorite artist Charley Harper to hang in my studio.”

This space is sometimes full of other creators, including her black cat, son and husband, the graphic designer.

Set up in her studio with the drawing table and supplies across the room from her laptop, Cindy keeps her business organized between bins, file folders and notebooks. Bookcases hug the room and remnants of her days as an airbrush artist peek out from time to time.

“I'm in the studio every day either working on freelance illustration projects, art projects for my Etsy shop or general art projects,” she says – like the mosaics she creates just for fun. Her projects range from logos, to patterns, to illustrations drawn by hand and then scanned into her computer for digital editing. Her greeting cards are drawn from flower samples she buys or photographs, and are then made into digital files for printing.

Inspired by a piece of her own art her husband had framed for her one year, Cindy also keeps a secret stash of chocolates in her art taboret among a bin of Lake Superior rocks she has collected – we all need that chocolatey bliss to keep us going once in awhile!

Find Cindy at her Etsy shop: www.cindylindgren.etsy.com
View Cindy’s illustrations online: www.cindylindgren.com

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