Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book Review - Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers

by Ann Rinkenberger of Harvest Moon by Hand

At 90 pages, Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers by Laura Donnelly Bethmann, packs in helpful advice in creating beautiful stationery, gift wrap, framed pictures; and embellishing fabric, garments, walls, and furniture.

She shows how to use various types of paints, inks, and plant juices as well as different objects to print with (e.g., flowers, leaves, vegetables, fruits, shells, fish, feathers, spiderweb).

The book is in full-color and has many illustrations which is helpful and inspiring. It includes sections about the history of nature printing; collecting and pressing plant materials; printing supplies and equipment; basic and specialized nature printing methods; nature printing projects, and a resource guide.

The last three pages of the book feature printing projects for children. Different methods are explained (e.g., nature streaking, copying, stamping). There is a lovely free-standing frieze made by a 12 year old girl.

This is a must-have book for anyone who enjoys plants, nature, and art. It is a perfect time to do the projects in the book before fall and winter in Minnesota when outdoor plants are not as easy to find.

Image from Penguin Palooza


prayer bedes said...

Wonderful post! These are great ideas for ways we "creative types" can embrace the season. =)