Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inspire Me

by Cheri of From Out of the Cracks

"Creativity is harnessing universality and making it flow through your eyes"...Peter Koestenbaum

Where does that creativity come from? What was the inspiration, the spark? Do you go somewhere to get inspired? Here is our featured HandmadeMN artist's insight into making handmade!

I was rummaging through some old postcards from my Mom’ s travels and came across one from Red Rock Crossing, south of Sedona Arizona. The colors lit me up and I knew these colors were going to be my inspiration for my next piece! I wanted to recreate the different shades and textures of the earthy red/orange clay into my bead work. I wanted to take the soft sage greenery that blended into the red rocky landscape and make my bead work say southwest, sun, red/orange earth. With the postcard in hand I chose my color palette of beads and stitched the colors together - one bead at a time - of Sedona Red Rock Crossing!

Sedona Bracelet


Jodee Hansen Fiedler said...

LOVE this! Very beautiful and inspirational piece!

krex said...

Love those colors and the design . Very inspirational.

Kellybot said...

It's very easy to see your inspiration come to life in the bracelet. Nice job!

prayer bedes said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I love your work. =)

Glorious Hats said...

So enjoyed reading this - really neat to see the bracelet with the photo. wonderful from inspiration to completed bracelet.