Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In search of a craft show ring display

I’m looking forward to a hopefully busy fall craft show season and have been dutifully stocking up. Rings are my best sellers and I’ve spent half my summer making them. I had previously used a small bangle bracelet display, but it won’t even accommodate a fraction of my new stock. So I hopped on flickr and searched for other sellers' ring displays. I found some great ideas!
This one from WHIMSYlove is unbelievably clever. It's cool how you can just pack it up and go, and that you can stack multiple levels.

I really like how this one showcases the individual rings. It must be easy to keep them all neat and tidy. From Amanda Lockrow Jewelry.

I actually love this one from leandogpottery specifically because of the black beans. Let's just say they have sentimental value. The color of the beans makes a great backdrop for jewelry, and hello - beans? cheap and easy.

This one from applenoggin is super sweet, but looks a little more complicated to make. Maybe my awesome boyfriend will make me one too!


Prayers4Theresa said...

Those displays are so nifty! I wouldn't have thought to search flickr for display ideas - thanks for mentioning that! I'm off to start browsing now!

Kellybot said...

I actually used the black bean idea in my display at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market this weekend. It worked really well! I was still constantly tidying it, but I imagine that will be the case with anything.

Jodee Hansen Fiedler said...

Great ideas Kelly! I like the egg cartons - how easy is that??? I'm always searching for ways to display my scarves and just haven't found the right thing yet.

Great post! thanks!

sara said...

Great ideas! The beans and egg cartons could work for any number of things. Good article.

Kellybot said...

I just posted a photo of my black bean display on my blog.

Emerald said...

I was just googling on ring display ideas & yours popped up. SO INSPIRING!! Thank you dear :)
Now I've no worries for how I'm going to display my rings at my flea market :)