Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating Autumn with Children

by Ann Rinkenberger
Harvest Moon by Hand

One of the ways that my daughters and I enjoy celebrating autumn and its beauty is by creating a nature or seasonal table. This is an area in your home - a table, bookcase, or top of a dresser - where things are brought in from the outside to reflect the changes of the seasons. Things on the nature table are meant to be gently examined and played by the children of the house.

For the fall, you may want to put some apples, gourds, pumpkins, and dried corn on the nature table. Collect acorns and place them in a pretty handmade bowl. When the leaves start changing, bring some inside and press them. Place these on your nature table.

Candles in the colors of the season make a pretty visual impact. When they are scented, they add another element to the table and your home.

I also add handmade items that reflect the current season. Here are some items that are made by members of HandmadeMN that would be good for a fall nature table:


Sara said...

Nice article. I'm so looking forward to the fall and winter seasons. They're my favorite!

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Great article and collection of items. Thanks for including my berry bowl. They've been really popular this summer.

Cheri said...

Fun read and I'm dazzled with Fall inspiration! Thanks for the great article.