Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Do You See Color?

Looking at the World Through Your Eyes
by MaryAnn Cleary

As an artist and/or craft person, the understanding of color is so important in making our designs and paintings. Have you ever wondered how others around you see color?

According to, one out of 255 women and one out of 12 men have some form of color deficiency. Recently, the teacher of an art workshop had us look further at the color in the surrounding landscape. Our mind since childhood has been taught to see our surroundings with specific colors, such as trees as green and the sky as blue. However, I find as I push myself to learn more about painting and color, I am learning to see again, to see color without my past experiences of learning interfering with what I see. Yes, there is pink in the trees or lavender in the landscape. Playing with color is fun.

To check out your ability to see color personally, try taking the test on X-rite. It is fun and a bit challenging trying to distinguish the different hues of color. When I first took the test very quickly to just see what it was all about, I scored a 22. Later I tried again looking carefully at the different hues and my score was a 3. By the way, the lower the score the better one sees color hues. It is a fun test to try.

To learn more about color and to check how you see color, try out the test on There are color blocks showing how those who may have a color deficiency may see colors. This can be important for designing websites or for those who may see an artist's painting differently.

Did you know that there are a few folks out there who are actually tetrachromats!! What is a tetrachromat?? It is someone who actually has four color receptor cones instead of three. Here is more information on a tetrachromat Check this site out to see if you are one of those super humans who is super color sensitive!

Please share your findings on color!


M. B. Karger said...

What a fun post! My eyes are a little "woogy" after exploring the color test links, but it was worth it. I scored an 11 on the x-rite acuity test and was instantly jealous of your 3. ;) Thanks for sharing!

- Marnie a.k.a. Crafterall

ArtisticEdition said...

What a great post! I took the x-rite test and scored a zero. :)


Toni said...

What fun! I got a 3, but now I'm dizzy. :)

Jodee Hansen Fiedler said...

I got a 3 too! I feel like part of a club or something...

prayer bedes said...

The X-rite test is great! I wizzed through it and got a 7. Now that I see others beat me, I might have to take it again and spend a little more time! Great post! =)

LocustSt said...

I got a three too... had to make myself finish though.. it was a little unnerving to do! :)